Netflix’s ‘The OA’ Part II Trailer Explores An Alternative Universe

The OA Part II, Netflix’s science fiction drama, just dropped it’s new trailer.  In it, we discover that Brit Marling’s badly wounded heroine, Prairie (a.k.a. the OA, standing for “Original Angel”), has successfully transported her consciousness into an alternate-universe version of herself.

Kingsley Ben-Adir plays a major new character named Karim Washington, a boat-dwelling private detective tasked with finding a young woman, Michelle Vu, who had been playing an online game.

Other returning cast members include Isaacs, Emory Cohen, and The Walking Dead actor Scott Wilson, who played Prairie’s adoptive father in season 1 and filmed for Part II before dying as a result of complications from leukemia last October. 

Watch the trailer for The OA Part II below. The OA Part II premieres March 22 on Netflix.

‘The OA Part II’ Trailer Finally Drops


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