Mental Latte

05-31-16  About 1/3 of women have shed a tear at the sight of THIS.
                Answer: Their first wrinkle
05-04-16  1/4 of newlyweds don't know THIS about their spouse.
                 Answer: their income.
05-03-16  Most of THESE don't get used for their intended use.
                Answer: Swimsuits (80% don't get wet!)
05-02-16  If you're average you'll do THIS 5 times in your life.
                Answer: Lock yourself out of your car.
04-29-16  The majority of parents agree: 13 is a good age to start doing THIS.
                Answer: Staying home alone.
04-28-16  1/3 of wives don't trust their husbands to do THIS.
                Answer: Pay the bills
04-27-16  52% of women can't go a day without doing THIS.
                Answer: Sending a risque text.
04-26-16  More than 1/2 of brides won't book a wedding venue if it doesn't have THIS.
                Answer: Good WiFI
04-25-16  Almost 1/2 of people have gone a week without doing THIS.
                Answer: Spending cash
04-22-16  Married people experience THIS more than single people.
                Answer: heartburn
04-21-16  Employer's fashion pet peeves: 3: Flip flops, 2: Sneakers, #1?
                Answer: A wrinkled shirt
04-20-16  Ask women and the majority will say it is "super tacky" if a man wears THIS.
                Answer: A gold chain
04-19-16  Sales of THIS doubled last year due to the increase in popularity of selfies.
                Answer: Lip injections 
04-18-16  Majority of women who skip exercise give THIS as the primary reason
                Answer: It messes up their hair.
04-15-16  More than 3/4 of women have a secret fund for THIS.
                 Answer: Shoes
04-14-16  Of all the people you knew in high school, the law of averages says you knew
                 2 who had THIS.
                 Answer: A unibrow
04-13-16  Among women, some admit their partner doesn'tt know this about them.
                 Answer: They hide snacks in the bedroom
04-12-16  38% of women say they would lose interest in a potential partner if they
                were to find out THIS
                Answer: He lives with his mom.
04-11-16  About 15% of tweens and teens wore THIS in the 80's
                Answer: Headgear with their braces
04-07-16  About 1/2 of people say THIS is vital when it comes to romance or a second date
                Answer: The other persons voice
04-06-16  A number of people admit to having a drink or 2 before THIS.
                Answer: Going to the dentist.
04-05-16  The average man loses THIS at age 53.
                Answer: His fashion sense
04-04-16  1/3 of women say they broke up with their last boyfriend becasue of THIS.
                 Answer: He was boring
04-01-16  According to there are some men who end up doing this after
                 the first date.
                Answer: Change their phone number
03-30-16  Most people who do THIS as adults start around age 14.
                 Answer: Drinking coffee.
03-29-16   A new study from Australia says a good way to get healthy is to do THIS.
                 Answer: Quit working
03-28-16   Reasearch says women worry THIS will give away their age.
                 Answer: Their hands
03-25-16   About 1/3 of us are inspired to wear cologne for THIS reason.
                 Answer: To avoid doing laundry
03-24-16   It'll be around 2-3 months before a woman feels comfortable doing THIS
                 in front of her partner.
                 Answer: Go without makeup
03-23-16   A shameful percentage of people say it's OK to steal from THIS.
                 Answer: A hotel room (90%!)
03-11-16   Almost half of people have caught someone doing THIS at work.
                  Answer: Sleeping
03-10-16   35% of grown ups have done THIS and they don't know it.
                  Answer:  Sleepwalked.
03-09-16   28% of people will do THIS for St. Patrick's Day.
                  Answer: Buy something to wear.
03-04-16   A new study says the happiest people have THIS random thing in common.
                  Answer: Good teeth.
03-07-16   Almost half of us have called for help when THIS happened.
                  Answer: Run out of toilet paper.
03-04-16   Thirty-six is the age when women say they are most satisfied with THIS.
                  Answer: Their hair.
03-03-16   According to Men's Health magazine, men will spend an average of month of their lives doing THIS.
                  Answer: looking for missing socks. 
03-02-16  Over half of all men think THIS is the first thing people notice about them.
                  Answer:  Their phone
03-01-16   About 1/3 of us have had THIS happen to us in a car.
                 Answer: A heartbreak or break up.
02-29-16  Getting caught is embarrassing but 1 in 20 of us is doing it right now.
                Answer: Wearing mismatched socks.
02-26-15  About 1 in 5 of us do this with our phone each week.
                Answer: call our lost phone
02-25-16  When it comes to ot getting work done in the office, 16% of employees
                blame THIS.
                Answer: The temperature
02-24-16  Pharmacists say THIS is the question they get asked most often.
                Answer: Can I drink alcohol with this?
02-23-16  College students who were asked said THIS was the most useful
                thing they learned while at school.
                Answer: How to do laundry
02-22-16  The average woman will do THIS 500 times over her lifetime.
                Answer: Wear ill-fitting shoes.
02-19-16  About 1/4 of teens have done THIS without their parents knowing it.
                Answer: Gone to a concert
02-18-16  On a first date, women consider THIS the highest form of chivalry.
                Answer: keeping their wine glass full.
02-17-16  Unbelievably, 6% of menn have used the phone to do THIS
                Answer: Propose
02-16-16  A surprising 15% of people say they have fallen asleep HERE.
                Answer: The bathroom at work.
02-15-16  Almost 1/2 of the people asked said THIS is their main form of exercize.
                Answer: Walking the dog
02-12-16  Around 10% of us will do THIS on Valentines Day.
                Answer: Call an Ex
02-11-16  If you are an average couple, you'll do this 5X a week
                Answer: Kiss
02-10-16  Survey've entered a new phase of a relationship (romantic or not)
                when you're willing to share THIS.
                Answer: Your netflix password
02-09-16  THIS is more likely to happen to you today than any other day of the year.
                Answer: Getting dumped
02-08-16  Around 2/3 of people left a superball party with THIS.
                Answer: A food stain on their clothes
02-05-16  When driving into work, women are more likely to do THIS.
                Answer: Drive on empty
02-04-16  A quarter of men say they won't date a woman if she has THIS.
                Answer: A facial piercing
02-03-16  A number of women say THIS is what they do before stepping on the scale.
                Answer: Pray
02-02-16  You are 107% more likely to get a second date if you go HERE on your first date.
                 Answer: For sushi
02-01-16  When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, 35% of people say THIS is the most important part of the day...
                 Answer: The game
01-29-16  14% of men do THIS at least once a year and don't tell their wife...
                 Answer:  Lose a bet.
01-28-16  Experts say doing THIS during your work week will improve you mood....
                 Answer:  Daydream about the weekend.
01-27-16  A small number of parents have almost crashed their vehicle doing THIS.
                 Answer: Disciplining the kids.
01-26-16  66% of women would rather recieve THIS than a marriage proposal.
                 Answer:  A job promotion
01-25-16  26% of women have tried to lose weight by doing THIS.
                 Answer:  Eating baby food!
01-21-16  More than 1/2 the men asked said they keep THIS in their car.
                 Answer: Cologne
01-20-16  Almost all of us say we do this every night.
                 Answer:  Wake up from our sleep.
01-19-16  About 1/3 of people spend extra time during the winter months doing THIS.
                 Answer: Sitting on the counch
01-18-15  30% of women say they want more of THIS from their husband.
                 Answer: More hand holding
01-15-16  Over 1/2 of US drivers say they don't know how to do THIS.
                 Answer: Use their jumper cables
01-14-16  When we're mad, 4 out of 10 of us do THIS.
                 Answer: Eat ice cream
01-13-16  Of all the phrases women don't want to hear, THIS tops the list.
                 Answer: You look tired.
01-12-16  Studies show that men are generally happier, healthier and more confident
                when they have one of THESE.
                Answer: Sister
01-11-16  When it comes to Monday, chances are good you'll have a hard time with
                Answer: Deciding what's for dinner
01-08-16  23% of women say they would spend a week doing THIS in exchange for 
                reaching their ideal weight.
                Answer: Spend a week in jail
01-07-16  55% of people have kept the same THIS for the past 10 year.
                 Answer: Best friend
01-06-16  When dining out, the size of THIS can impact your decision to order dessert.
                 Answer: Your server
01-05-16  3 out of 4 pet owners won't buy one of THESE if it's not right for their dog.
                 Answer: A vehicle
01-04-16  15% of people will do THIS at some point during the month of January.
                 Answer: Pull a muscle during a workout


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