Liz Kelly

Mornings 5:30am-9:00am


Something I read often on my report card was, “A delight to have in class, but tends to socialize at inappropriate times.”  Good to know not a lot has changed.  I am blessed with 2 terrific adult children who keep me ever honing and evolving my humor. I LOVE to eat just about anything but can’t understand how fish eggs and oysters became food of the wealthy.  I LOVE chapstick and lipgloss but am annoyed by people who wear too much makeup. I run (slowly), golf (poorly), cook (with spice), cherish my time with friends and family (obsessively) and think my husband is about the most patient, kind man on earth (proudly).

Mary Reilly

Mornings 5:30am-9:00am  

Although I'm still new to the Eugene area, I was born in Missoula, Montana so living among trees feels right-at-home for me.  I've also lived in Tucson, Phoenix, Davenport, Jefferson City, Madison and San Francisco (to name a few).  The oldest of my 3 kids is a college student and my youngest is heading into Jr. High.  I stay active by jogging and playing  ice hockey.  Something everyone should know about me is that even though I'll laugh at you when you fall, I'll also be the first to reach out a hand to help you back up.  I'm courteous like that. 
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